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Cranberry Zinfandel Port Relish Recipe

Cranberry Zinfandel Port Relish Notes

It’s beginning to rain and that weather keeps me inside and cooking. I began to research and work on old holiday recipes. I thought I would tackle traditional family dishes that have not been my favorite during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I read a cranberry jelly recipe somewhere that used orange liquor, orange zest and port and I immediately thought of my favorite port; Brown Estate Red Zinfandel Port. We are having old friends over and I wanted to just enhance an old tradition. Simple and delicious!

Cranberries have history in England, Europe and North America. Did you know that Native Americans combined cranberries (which have a natural preservative) with dried meat mixtures to prolong shelf life and that in 1912 sauce was first commercially canned by the Cape Cod Cranberry Company which marketed the sauce as "Ocean Spray Cape Cod Cranberry Sauce?" It has been a tradition for many years.


Preparation Instructions

Combine all ingredients in medium stockpot. Bring to a boil, covered. Remove cover and simmer for 25 minutes; cranberry skins will begin to crack.

Remove from heat and use immerser (or blender) to chop well. Chill and serve.

Helpful Hints

*This Zinfandel Port has a light raisin, allspice berry and dark cherry new world chewy flavors that I love! http://brownestate.com/


This recipe was provided by The Spice House.