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Dr. Smith's Chai Deluxe Recipe

Dr. Smith's Chai Deluxe Notes

I've developed Chai Tea recipes for quite a while and have a few varieties. Here's the original.


Serves / Yields

One Quart

Preparation Instructions

Bring water to near boil and let all the spices steep for ten minutes covered.

Add soy milk while still warm.

Add grated nutmeg and honey (or maple syrup) to taste.

Helpful Hints

You can experiment with the amounts of spices.

The tea has a warming affect, and can be served hot, medium, or chilled.

I only use the best spices (which is why I shop at The Spice House), and organic everything when possible.

I make my own soy milk at home from organic beans, organic honey, organic ginger, etc. Important! Use only filtered water!


This recipe was provided by M. Smith from Chicago.