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Kheer-ioca (Indian-style Tapioca Pudding) Recipe

Kheer-ioca (Indian-style Tapioca Pudding) Notes

This recipe is my attempt to capture the taste of the Indian dessert "kheer" in an American context of a tapioca pudding.


Serves / Yields

4 - 6 servings

Preparation Instructions

In a medium saucepan, mix the egg, tapioca, vanilla, and sugar. Start to heat the pan and add the milk gradually, about a third cup at a time, and stir continually. Add the raisins and cardamom pods to the mixture, stirring constantly on medium heat, until it starts to boil. The cardamom pods will have broken, releasing some of the black seeds. (Allow about twenty minutes.)

Remove from the heat and cool to room temperature. Once it's cooled, cover the pudding and refrigerate it.

Before serving, you may want to sprinkle a few drops of rosewater on the pudding to enhance the aroma.

Helpful Hints

This recipe makes a tapioca pudding that is thinner and less starchy than some versions of the dessert. Also, you can feel free to push the cardamom husks aside, rather than eat them. They are extremely pungent.


This recipe was provided by Jim Zychowicz from Madison.