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We have game night with potluck once a month at my retirement village and I made this up so the vegetarians could share in a non-meat entree. Its delicious and with the kale and cauliflower, is a little healthier than just pasta.


Serves / Yields


Preparation Instructions

Boil the shell macaroni 7 minutes in salted water Add the Kale and Cauliflower to the same water and cook another 5 minutes Drain – do not rinse Place in large oiled casserole dish and stir in the butter.

While pasta is cooking, mix together milk and mustard and whisk together sour cream and flour.

Now to the same pot, add the mixed milk, dijon, sour cream and flour and cook stirring on medium till it thickens. Add the herbs Remove from heat and add the cheese and stir till thick Pour over the pasta, kale and cauliflower Sprinkle the smoked paprika ( or unsmoked) over the top


Helpful Hints

Its easier to mix the flour with a little milk or sour cream with a whisk than making a roux. Also regular paprika can be substituted if you don't want the smoky flavor. I use Mozzerella, jack and Sharp white cheddar, but any combination of cheeses or just one can be substituted. Or Jack and cheddar alone is very good, or pepper jack, Cheddar and smoked gouda would be good I never use any other Herb de Province except the Spice House blend for its unique and strong flavor. This is a good summer recipe because it is not BAKED.


This recipe was provided by Helen Smith from Escondido.