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Spring Rolls Recipe

Spring Rolls Notes

This dish can be just about anything. Use whatever vegetables you like. Use ground meat, tofu, shrimp, or keep it all vegetables.


Preparation Instructions

Fill a small bowl with hot water, and put the mushrooms in, until soft. Remove, gently squeeze out excess water, , put aside water for later use. Julienne the mushrooms.

Heat the sesame oil in a wok. Toss in the pea pods, mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, shrimp , mushroom water and Argyle Street. Stir fry just until sweating. Remove from heat, stir in the green onion and cilantro. Place in a colander to drain and cool.

Fill a large bowl with hot water. Dip a wrap in the water for 1 second. Spread 2-3 tablespoons of filling near one edge of the wrap. Roll once, then tuck in the sides, then finish rolling. Just like a burrito. Serve with Chinese Five Spice Dipping Sauce.

Helpful Hints

This dish cooks very fast, have all your ingredients ready to go. I recommend using a wok.

If the wraps don't want to stay together, you can use a water/corn starch slurry to glue them .


This recipe was provided by The Spice House.