Roasted New Potatoes with Herbs, Garlic and Balsamic Vinegar Recipe

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Roasted New Potatoes with Herbs, Garlic and Balsamic Vinegar Notes

Small new potatoes are roasted with plenty of fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil for this sauce and then tossed with balsamic vinegar and butterfly-shaped pasta. Choose the smallest possible new potatoes, ideally no larger than a whole walnut. Briefly soaking the potatoes in cold water helps them to maintain moisture as they roast. Although rosemary and sage are my first choices for this sauce, other fresh herbs such as thyme, oregano, marjoram or even fresh bay leaves could be used. The chives are tossed with the cooked pasta to give the dish some color. Minced parsley may be used as a substitute for the chives, if desired.

Recipe from Pasta E Verdura by Jack Bishop (HarperCollinsPublishing; April 10, 1996)

Serves / Yields

4 servings

Preparation Instructions
  1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Bring 4 quarts of salted water to a boil in a large pot for cooking the pasta.

  2. Scrub the potatoes under cold, running water but do not peel them. Cut the potatoes into 1/2 inch cubes. Place the potatoes in a large bowl and cover them with cold water. Set the potatoes asided for 10 minutes.

  3. Combine 3 tablespoons oil with the garlic, rosemary, sage, salt and pepper in a small bowl. Drain the potatoes and place them in a single layer in a large baking dish. Drizzle the oil mixture over them and mix well until the potatoes are evenly seasoned.

  4. Roast the potatoes, turning them occasionally to promote even cooking, until golden brown, about 40 minutes. Scrape the poatatoes plus any oil in the baking dish into a bowl large enough to hold the cooked pasta. Toss the potatoes with the remaining two tablespoons of oil and balsamic vinegar. Taste for salt and pepper and adjust seasonings if necessary.

  5. While the potatoes are roasting, cook and drain the pasta, making sure that some liquid still clings to the noodles. Toss the hot pasta with potatoes and the chives. Mix well and transfer portions to warm pasta bowls. Serve immediately.

Quick Shopping List

Rosemary Needles, Whole, Cracked Or Ground
Cracked Needles, in a glass jar
1/2 cup shaker jar, net wt. 1 oz.
Sage, Broken Leaf or Rubbed Powder
Broken Leaf, in a glass jar
1/2 cup shaker jar, net wt. .75 oz.
Tellicherry Ground Black Pepper
20/30 Mesh (Coarse Dustless Grind) in a glass jar
1/2 cup shaker jar, net wt. 2 oz.
In a glass jar
1/2 cup shaker jar, net wt. 1/4 oz.

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