Cumin - Information and Spice Variations

In the last decade, cumin has increased a tremendous amount in popularity here in America. This likely is a result of us cooking in more international dishes. Cumin is used heavily in Hispanic cooking but also Indian dishes along with the cuisine of many Middle Eastern countries. Any good chili you taste probably has cumin as in ingredient. We grind our cumin seed fresh weekly, the freshness makes a wonderful difference. Some folks like to buy the whole seed, and then toast it before grinding, this brings out a delightful somewhat nutty flavor. Our newest addition to our cumin department is organic cumin, we are excited that spice growers are now also concerned about organic products, this was a long time in coming.

Indian Cumin Seed, Whole Or Ground


Cumin is a crucial ingredient in several world cuisines. It has a unique and potent flavor crucial to Indian curries, where it's often roasted before…

Turkish Organic Cumin Seed, Whole Or Ground Seeds


Grown to organic standards in Turkey, these fragrant cumin seeds will impart a pungent, savory flavor anywhere they're used. We offer the whole seed…