Oregano - Information and Spice Variations

Oregano was not at all well known in this country until after World War II. Returning soldiers from the war had the opportunity to experience some previously unknown cuisines, which they enjoyed enough to want to make back at home. The most obvious of these was pizza, which of course requires oregano and basil. Hardly enough to offset the negative effects of war, this did, never-the-less, bring us an opportunity to open our minds and embrace some new cuisines of the world. Greek oregano has a very delicate sweet nature that works best for Italian sauces while the Mexican oregano is much heartier, maybe more earthy, which makes it able to stand up better to the flavors of Mexican cuisine.

Greek Oregano


Oregano is one of the most popular flavors of all the herbs. Used in Mediterranean and Southwestern cooking. Oregano was quite obscure in this count…

Mexican Oregano, Broken Leaf or Powdered


This type of oregano, grown in Mexico or California, has a very different flavor than the Mediterranean oregano - stronger and more bitter. More robu…

Greek Organic Oregano, Broken Leaf


Oregano is one of the most popular flavors of all the herbs. Greek oregano has a bright, sweet flavor which we associate with Italian-style cooking.…