Rosemary - Information and Spice Variations

"There's rosemary, that's for remembrance; pray you, love, remember!" Ophelia lamented in Hamlet. Rosemary has a history of being associated with remembrance. Greek students in ancient times would wear rosemary wreaths during exams. Bridesmaids would present the bridegroom with a ribboned bunch of rosemary on the morning of his wedding so he would remember to be faithful.

French, Spanish and Italian cultures use rosemary in abundance in their cooking. It has also gained a place in American cooking, primarily for lamb and chicken. Rosemary blends well in tomato sauces, soups or stews, or foccacia bread.

Rosemary Needles, Organic


Rosemary keeps its flavor better when dried than almost any other herb, and this organic rosemary is no exception. French, Spanish and Italian cultu…

Rosemary Needles, Whole, Cracked Or Ground


Our Rosemary Needles are grown in the Mediterranean, and available in three forms. You can purchase them in whole needles, cracked needles, or groun…