Anise - Information and Spice Variations

Anise provides the classic sweet, licorice flavor found in Italian and Scandinavian baked goods as well as Asian sauces and marinades. Although star anise and anise seeds are botanically unrelated, they have nearly identical flavors.

Spanish Anise Seed, Whole or Ground


Anise seed is native to the Mediterranean basin, and has been used throughout history in both sweet and savory applications. Anise has long been know…

Anise Extract


Oddly enough, we first started stocking this extract in response to many fishermen who swore they caught more fish when they put it on their bait! In…

Broken Pieces or Ground Star Anise


Whole Broken Pieces or Ground Star Anise are practical for cooking purposes. The broken pieces will give you the same flavor at a third of the price…

Hand-Selected Whole Star Anise


Whole, hand selected Star Anise are really quite a beautiful wonder of nature, they will have six to eight points. Costly because they are picked out…