Basil - Information and Spice Variations

The word basil comes from the Greek "basileus," which means "sovereign". Legend has basil growing over the spot where Saints Constantine and Helen found the True Cross.

Basil is one of the most frequently used culinary herbs. It is crucial to Italian cooking, and often called for in French, Indian, Asian, and Greek cuisine as well. Although fresh basil is usually preferred, our basil is quick-dried and retains most of its fresh flavor. Dried basil can be stored for months, and will never wilt in your refrigerator!

Some customers prefer the European basil because of its light anise-like overtones. Others prefer the stronger, sweeter domestic basil. Why not try some of each and decide which you prefer? Stop into the store and take a sniff. There is a real difference.

California Sweet Basil, Dehydrated Broken Leaf


Basil has now become the most popular herb used in this country. Basil, garlic and tomatoes form an unbeatable trio. Until recently, French basil h…

European Basil, Dehydrated Broken Leaf


Basil is one of the most popular herbs used in this country. Basil, garlic and tomatoes form an unbeatable trio. European basil has a lighter, mor…

Sweet Basil, Organic Egyptian


We're proud to offer an organic Egyptian basil with the same intense flavor and color as our traditional dried basil. Our Egyptian basil is very c…