Chili Powder - Information and Spice Variations

Chili powder is a blend of powdered chili peppers and other ingredients, usually including cumin, garlic, and oregano. The Spice House carries a deliciously flavorful salt-free chili powder, which comes in 3 heat levels (regular mild, medium, and hot) to suit every palate.

All three start with a base of sweet ancho chile pepper, and add cumin, garlic, onion, powdered Mexican oregano. Medium chili powder adds cayenne pepper, while Hot chili powder adds more cayenne and hot crushed red pepper.

Chile Con Carne is a blend of chili powder and additional spices.

If you're looking for recipes to make chili, we've collected them from customers and The Spice House staff. We even have a cook-off winning recipe from Chef Clay Erickson!

Chili Con Carne Seasoning


The most exciting chili mix North of the Pecos! We've mixed in about 15% rich red tomato powder, to make your chili thick & sweet. We also added spi…

Chili Powder, Mild, Medium, Or Hot


Chili powder is useful in many applications, and you won't be disappointed with The Spice House chili powders! We use ancho chile as the base for our…