French Herb Blends - Information and Spice Variations

French recipes often call for herb blends to add subtle flavor to dishes. These carefully crafted blends can be used in a variety of dishes, from quick sauteed summer vegetables to slow roasted meats.

Bouquet Garni French Herb Blend


Bouquet Garni, in this form, is referred to as "Hunter's Style," because it is slightly stronger in flavor than the traditional blend. Literally mea…

Fines Herbes French Herb Blend


Fines herbes is a very pleasant, delicate combination of French chervil, parsley, chives and French tarragon. Its primary use is in egg dishes, but …

Herbes de Provence French Herb Blend


Herbes de Provence is the classic French herb blend. Also known as Provencal herbs, this delightful mixture takes its name from the region of Proven…

Parisian Bonnes Herbes French Herb Blend


Parisian Bonnes Herbes is a light, delicate blend that's great for fish, seafood, vegetables, or salad dressings. This salt-free blend of French her…

Pot Herbs Soup Blend


Pot herbs is a traditional French soup herb mixture. This spice blend for soup stock is named for the large soup cauldron into which this combinatio…

Sel de Provence, French Herb Sea Salt


We take fine, high-grade fleur-de-sel sea salt and blend in our Herbs de Provence to create a subtly flavored, aromatic salt. The delicate flavor of…