Mushrooms - Information and Spice Variations

Dried mushrooms are a great way to add mushrooms flavor to any dish, although in most cases they do not rehydrate well enough to replace fresh mushrooms in recipes. Their flavor lies in the liquid used to rehydrate them, which takes on a rich mushroom flavor and can be used as a soup or sauce base. The rehydrated mushrooms are wonderful pureed into sauces, soups, dressings and stuffings. We carry several varieties of whole mushrooms to provide an array of distinct flavors to fit every cooking style.

Chanterelle Dried Mushrooms


This variety, Cantharellus cibarius , is known as the "true" chanterelle. These are a favorite of wild mushroom hunters, due to their distinctive go…

Oyster Dried Mushrooms


These large mushrooms grow on wood, with a color and shape resembling oysters. Their light flavor and texture makes them a nice match for seafood di…

Porcini "Extra AA" Dried Mushrooms, Whole and Powdered


A small, high-quality variety of porcini, these mushrooms actually produce their best flavor when dried and distilled. The liquid used to rehydrate …

Shiitake Dried Mushrooms


These Japanese mushrooms grow wild on the Shii tree. Although Asian cuisine values mushrooms more for their perceived healing attributes, these mush…

Porcini Sea Salt


This intensely aromatic finishing salt starts with Salt Cream, the Portuguese version of the French Fleur de Sel, the highest quality sea salt skimme…