Sausage Seasonings - Information and Spice Variations

Fresh homemade sausage can far surpass store-bought for both flavor and nutrition - no preservatives necessary, and you can control the fat content of the meat. These blends are tailored to make specific kinds of uncured sausage simply by mixing in with ground meat and shaping into patties, balls, or crumbles.

Once you start making your own sausage, you may want to branch out into more complicated hard sausages made with curing salt.

Breakfast Sausage Seasoning


Sausage making is often an art passed along from generation to generation, with each family having their own secret ingredients and spices. This blen…

Chorizo Mexican Sausage Seasoning Blend


With this spicy blend of traditional Mexican flavors you’ll be making bold, fresh Mexican sausage in minutes. All you’ll need is 2 TBS chorizo se…

Curing Salt

Curing salt is also known as Prague Powder Number 1. This is a standard 6.25% cure for any meat that requires cooking, smoking or canning. The re…

French Four & More Choucroute Garni Seasoning


French Four and More is a lovely blend we feel is an improvement over the traditional French four-spice mixture, Quatre Epices. This recipes comes to…

Italian Sausage Seasoning


NEW! Recipe redesigned for less salt and more flavor. This mild blend for Italian Sausage is made from the highest quality spices. Use 3 - 4 Tablesp…

White Malaysian Pepper, Ground


White peppercorns come from the same vine as the black. They are soaked in water, which softens the shells, whereupon the shells are removed. Their f…