Spice Cuisine: Cajun Spices and Seasonings

Cajun cooking comes from the native French-speaking Acadian decendents inhabiting Louisiana and parts of other Southern states. The “holy trinity” of bell peppers, onion and celery form the base of most dishes. Parsley, bay leaves, and scallions are commonly used, as well as garlic and cayenne pepper. Cajun cuisine as a whole has been called “more Mediterranean than North American”.

This cuisine also borrows from African and Native American styles of cookery. Gumbo takes its name from the West African and Caribbean name for okra, which is often a main ingredient of these dishes. File, or powdered sassafrass leaves, was used by the Choctaw Indians before Cajuns began cooking.

Cajun food, despite its reputation, is not necessarily spicy hot. Cajun spice blends are often richly flavored without heat, although some cajun spices will certainly burn you! We carry a standard Cajun Seasoning in both regular, which has a pleasant moderate heat, and Extra Hot for folks who like the burn. For ways to use our cajun spices and blends, check out our Cajun recipes section.

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