Pork Favorites - Information and Spice Variations

Ribs, chops, tenderloin, bacon... we love our pork at The Spice House! Rightfully dubbed "The Other White Meat", many cuts of pork are as versatile in the kitchen as chicken, but can be so much more tender and juicy. And almost any dish is better with bacon!

Bavarian Seasoning


Bavarian Seasoning, like our home in Milwaukee, resonates with German heritage! To us, it always brings back memories of Sunday dinners at Grandma’…

Bronzeville "Galena Street" Rib Rub


Bronzeville Rib Rub is known as Galena Street Rib Rub in our original Milwaukee Spice House location, where it was developed many years ago. To this…

Chinese Five Spice Powder


Chinese Five Spice Powder is on the top of our list for its delightful combination of taste elements. While many of our seasoning combinations make …

Gateway To The North Maple Garlic Seasoning


Sweet and savory, "Gateway to the North" Maple-Garlic Seasoning is one of our most interesting blends. A staff favorite, this blend is delicious on …

Pullman Pork Chop Seasoning


Historic Pullman Pork Chop Seasoning is our best spice blend for pork chops. This blend was named for the historic area of Chicago where they develo…

Milwaukee Iron Seasoning


Milwaukee Iron Seasoning is a nice Southwestern blend that's heavy on the garlic and chipotle smoked jalepeno chiles. This blend was created to co…