Thanksgiving Spices - Information and Spice Variations

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday here at The Spice House, since it focuses on food and cooking. As soon as the crisp air of fall signals the end of the harvest season, we notice a big increase in the number of people in our stores getting ready for a big holiday meal, full of delicious food, family and friends, and of course spices. Using freshly ground, hand-blended, premium quality spices makes a huge difference in the taste of finished dishes - why go to the trouble of cooking an elaborate meal if you're not getting the best results possible?

While every spice we carry can find a place on the diverse holiday tables of America, there are certain standby flavors that are classics in a Thanksgiving dinner.

If you're not sure what to make this year, check out some classic and popular Thanksgiving recipes.

For those visiting someone else's house for the holidays, a spice gift box makes the perfect hostess gift. Some of our favorites for Thanksgiving are the Baker's Gift Box, the Coffee and Beverage Box, the Fall Harvest Gift Box, and the Premium Spiced Sugars Gift Box.

Happy cooking and Happy Holidays from The Spice House!