Baker's Deluxe Gift Box

Deluxe Bakers Spices Assortment Gift Box

Our Great Baker's Assortment is perfect for anyone who really loves to bake, or anyone who really loves the fruits of that labor. This is one of the best gifts you can possibly give to the dessert maker in your life. The spices are ground fresh on Spice House premises in small weekly batches to insure the freshest, most fragrant and flavorful powders. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding! In addition to eight jars of fresh spices, the box is packed with usable bay leaves, Korintje cinnamon sticks, whole Grenada nutmeg, and China #1 dried ginger root.

SAIGON CASSIA CINNAMON This rich, vibrant cinnamon has a strong, sweet nature which makes it ideal for baking. It has a high 5-7% oil content and a hint of spicy heat, and will stand out over most other flavors. This is the cinnamon to use in apple dishes, cinnamon rolls, and anywhere you want it to be a dominant flavor. In addition to baking, this cinnamon is great for sprinkling over cereal, oatmeal, waffles, French toast, and sliced bananas or apples.

EAST INDIES NUTMEG, GROUND Nutmeg's rich, piney flavor is the underpinning of many European baking recipes. In addition to baking, nutmeg is called for in such vegetable recipes as baked squash, sauteed spinach, and sweet potato pie. Nutmeg makes a good secret ingredient for stews, cream soups, sauces, preserves and meatballs. A tradition sprinkled over holiday eggnog.

CHINA NO. 1 GINGER, POWDERED This beautiful, high-grade ginger has a fresh lemony scent and a rich cream color. Ginger loses flavor rapidly when ground, so it's important to have a freshly ground ginger for its pungent heat. Gingerbread cookies are always a holiday favorite. Oriental and Pacific rim cooking use ginger quite often in foods other than bakery, including stir fry, sweet & sour dishes, fish, and curries.

DOUBLE-STRENGTH PURE VANILLA EXTRACT Made with 200 Madagascar Bourbon Island vanilla beans per gallon and a cold, slow-compress extraction, this is the best vanilla available in the US. It is so strong you need use only half of what your recipe calls for. However, if you love vanilla the way we do, it’s even more marvelous when used full-strength! Especially perfect for those of us who never think recipes call for enough vanilla.

CEYLON TRUE CINNAMON This is what most Europeans consider cinnamon: the flavor is oh-so-delicate with just a hint of floral and citrus overtones. It has a very subtle flavor which makes it ideal for dusting or in recipes where you want the cinnamon flavor to play a supporting, rather than starring, role. Subtle and complex, the flavor of true cinnamon is wonderful with fruit dishes.

GROUND JAMAICAN ALLSPICE Very popular in the Caribbean, the flavor of allspice is often described as a medley of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. This spice became so popular in English baking that it's sometimes known as the "English Spice." Works wonders in pumpkin pie. Also makes a good secret ingredient in bar-b-que sauces.

POWDERED CEYLON CLOVES Cloves have a rich heady aroma and a flavor that's both warming and, when in high concentration, numbing. Besides uses in baking, you might be surprised to find that the smallest pinch of cloves enhances the flavor of beef. Combine orange juice, brown sugar and a sprinkle of cloves to make a glaze for poultry or ham.

MINCED DEHYDRATED LEMON PEEL When recipes call for fresh lemon peel, substitute 1/3 the amount of this dry counterpart to get the same fresh flavor. You may wish to rehydrate with a little water first for some uses. A remarkable addition to poppyseed cakes or muffins, in cheesecake and sugar cookies. Easy chicken marinade uses lemon peel, oregano, olive oil and white wine.

Eight Jar Gift Box
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