Baking Extracts Gift Box

Spice House Baking Extracts Gift Box

Baking Extracts gift boxes are perfect for the bakers on your list. Extracts are a wonderfully easy way to add flavor to nearly any recipe, and as they are shelf-stable indefinitely, they are an extremely convenient ingredient for any baker.

This box is packed with usable Turkish bay leaves, Korintje cinnamon sticks, and whole Grenada nutmegs.

PURE ALMOND EXTRACT Strong, sweet, clear and pure. Use in small amounts (usually ½ tsp. per batch) to flavor cookies, bars, bread, cheesecake and crackers. Add a drop to sweeten waffles or French toast. Excellent with fruit for pies or muffins.

PURE CHOCOLATE FLAVORING This exciting flavoring has a rich and smooth flavor that will complement the flavor of vanilla, coffee, cinnamon, maple, cream, and berries. Add it to cakes and cookies, pies, whipped cream, frosting, custards, puddings, or ice cream. You can use it to flavor coffee or make hot chocolate even more chocolatey!

PURE COFFEE EXTRACT This adds wonderful coffee flavor to tiramisu, brownies, hot fudge, milkshakes, hot cocoa and home made ice cream. It is stronger than brewed coffee, so you won't need to add as much liquid to your recipes.

PURE VANILLA EXTRACT Made from the finest quality Madagascar Bourbon Islands vanilla beans, cold pressed in a slow and careful extraction process. 100 vanilla beans are used to make 1 gallon of extract. While the beans are strained out following the percolation process, we add a bean to your bottle just for fun! (You can dry it and add it to your sugar bowl or vodka bottle.) Vanilla is by far the most frequently used baking extract, adding a subtle and unique flavor to nearly any recipe.

Four Jar Gift Box
  • Four 1/2 cup jars
  • $40.26