Ethnic Milwaukee Deluxe Box

Ethnic Milwaukee Neighborhoods Spice Blends Deluxe Gift Box

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Milwaukee Neighborhood Spice Blends Gift Box

The Spice House was founded in Milwaukee in 1957, and has enjoyed being part of this dynamic city for over half a century. We’ve watched the evolution of its neighborhoods as immigrant groups from all over the world brought their cultural influence, making Milwaukee one of the most diverse cities in the Midwest. This jumbo assortment of neighborhood blends was created to reflect the different ethnic neighborhoods of Milwaukee. All the seasonings are hand blended and some contain as many as 32 different spice ingredients. This box will help you to season virtually any dish.

Old World 3rd Street Seasoning Also known as Old World Central Street Seasoning, this Central European style seasoning is a winner in nearly any dish. Great for seasoning vegetables, chicken soup or paprikash, potatoes, steak, hamburgers, goulash. Triple-sifted and mixed 1500 times by hand for full flavor development. Hand mixed from: paprika, salt, celery seed, garlic, sugar, black pepper, onion, dill seed, fenugreek seed, caraway seed, turmeric, scallions, dill weed, bay leaves, cumin, coriander, ginger, cinnamon, fennel, nutmeg, white pepper, basil, chervil, marjoram, parsley, savory, tarragon, thyme, rosemary, cloves and cardamom.

Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle Named for Milwaukee’s most Italian street, this blend features garlic, rich Romano cheese and Italian herbs, heavy on the basil. Makes heavenly garlic bread, or toss with pasta and butter, sprinkle on garden salads, or mix in sour cream for potato dressing. Blend with bread crumbs for Sicilian-style breaded chops, chicken, eggplant, or mozzarella. Known as Taylor Street Cheese Sprinkle in our Illinois stores. Hand mixed from: Romano cheese powder, salt, garlic powder, scallions, green peppercorns, parsley, basil.

Fox Point Seasoning A luxurious seasoning made from herbs that have been freeze-dried rather than dehydrated. This sophisticated process gives them a fresh, light, delicate flavor and texture. A wonderful seasoning for steamed or broiled fish or chicken. Great for tuna, shrimp, or chicken salads. A favorite for omelets and other egg dishes as well as vegetable medleys. Mix with sour cream for a terrific vegetable dip your guests will love. In Illinois, this blend is called Lake Shore Drive Seasoning. Hand mixed from: salt, shallots, garlic, onion, chives, ground green peppercorns, scallions.

Galena Street Rib Rub This mixture is a Southern-style seasoning that makes the best dry rub for baby back ribs you have ever tasted. Fantastic on chicken and an excellent blend for those who make their own barbecue sauces from scratch. Really great for turkey legs or wings on the grill. Named for Chicago’s historic Bronzeville neighborhood in our Illinois stores. Hand mixed from: salt, sugar, black pepper, paprika, nutmeg, sage, and crushed peppers.

Old Cedarburg Seasoning Also known as Ukrainian Village Seasoning, in Milwaukee this blend is named for the lovely town of Cedarburg with its many fine artists and shops. The historic textile mills, which once lined the winding Cedar Creek, have been renovated into cream colored artists’ workplaces and galleries. Our creamy-colored seasoning with speckles of bright green seeks to emulate this peaceful yet dynamic town. Old Cedarburg Seasoning is a wonderful all purpose seasoning, both flavorful and colorful. Hand mixed from salt, garlic, onion, pepper, green onions, red and green bell peppers.

Walker’s Point Seasoning Named for beautiful, Hispanic-influenced Walker’s Point, this is an excellent dry rub for grilled meats. Rub on 1 tsp per pound for chicken, ribs, hamburgers, steaks and pork chops. Also very good added to salsa or guacamole for that south-of-the-border flavor. Known as Pilsen Seasoning in Illinois. Hand mixed from: salt, sugar, garlic, onion, black pepper, cumin, red pepper, oregano.

Downer Avenue Seasoning Downer Avenue is the home of many fine restaurants and shops, including the original Sendik’s market, a Milwaukee institution. We honor this area with a seasoning good on vegetables, salads and other healthy food. Green bell peppers and delicate shallots enhance the versatility of this blend, making it good on a wide variety of foods, including less healthy broiled steaks. Also known as Rocky Mountain Seasoning. Hand mixed from parmesan cheese, green bell peppers, salt, whole sesame and poppy seed, shallots, arrowroot, green peppercorns.

Wauwatosa Village Seasoning The village of Wauwatosa is where the Penzey family grew up, and we maintain a strong fondness for it as our home town. As comfortable and nostalgic as the Penzey family home, this seasoning features a medley of ground celery seed, shallot powder and zesty ground green peppercorns. It makes a wonderful rub for steaks, a delicious coating for prime rib, or try it sprinkled on hamburgers or vegetables. Great in Bloody Marys! Hand mixed from salt, celery seed, sugar, pepper, toasted onion powder, shallots, arrowroot, green peppercorns.

Ruth Ann's Muskego Avenue Seasoning This blend was originally touted as the best seasoning for the popular Wisconsin tradition of the Friday night fish fry. These days, many of us try not to eat as much fried food. This seasoning is equally good for baking, or grilling fish or chicken. Also great for potatoes, in potato or macaroni salad, over vegetables or eggs, or on corn-on-the-cob. Hand-mixed from: salt, pepper, green peppercorns, lemon peel, garlic, onion, green onions.

Mitchell Street Seasoning A staff favorite, this is a mouth-watering seasoning for steaks and hamburgers. Inspired by Milwaukee’s strong Polish heritage, this smoky blend features ingredients favored by the Polish from the Old Country. Sprinkle it on any type of beef or pork before cooking. In Illinois this blend is called Milwaukee Avenue Seasoning after one of Chicago’s biggest Polish areas. Hand mixed from: salt, hickory smoke powder, paprika, garlic, black pepper, cardamom and marjoram.

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