The Flavor Bible

Flavor Bible

Flavor Bible

This unique book isn't a cookbook; it's a guide to the flavors of all the wonderful global ingredients now freely available in American markets. James Beard Award winning chefs Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, aided by some of the best chefs and restaurants in America, have compiled a comprehensive list of foods, detailing their flavors, complimentary flavors, and suggested uses. Armed with this book, a novice chef can successfully navigate ethnic groceries and farmers' markets, creating wonderful, innovative dishes with both pantry staples and exotic ingredients. An experienced chef will also benefit from this book, as tired, overused flavor combinations can be revamped or made more exotic with some new flavor pairing suggestions you may previously have never considered. The book is very interactive in that once you page through it, seeking the ingredients you are working with, YOU will find the inspiration you are seeking to release more creative juices.

The book gives you an unbelievable insight into flavor pairing, what flavors have the most affinities for each other; how to harmonize the four basic tastes; how to bring up flavors through the use of acids; how to layer specific flavors to create the most synergistic and intense flavor, and how to create a yin and yang like experience in both your cooking, and yourself. Many top culinary experts share their opinions and advice, which is very fun to read.

Our customers over the years have persisted in wanting some sort of comprehensive listing of what pairs with what, obviously it is the spices that are asking us specifically about. We have always told them that no one could possibly do such a project, the depth of it would just be overwhelming - impossible. Page and Dornenburg have proved us wrong! Through a tremendous amount of work and perseverance, over eight years of time, they pulled it together with great aplomb. It would be foolish not to benefit from the fruits of their labor. This book is timeless, because it is a classic.

Page and Dornenburg are some of the most highly regarded luminaries of the culinary world. Their previous books, What to Drink with What You Eat, Becoming a Chef, Dining Out, and The New American Chef were all winners of or finalists for Gourmand World Cookbook, IACP, and/or James Beard books awards. They were also named weekly wine columnists for the Washington Post in 2007.

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