Peppercorn Gift Box

Peppercorns Gift Box

Peppercorns Assortment Gift Box

The Spice House Peppercorn Gift Box is especially for the pepper lover who already owns a peppermill. Those who already own a mill are aware that there is nothing quite like freshly ground pepper. These four types of peppercorns give you the opportunity to vary your pepper flavor in a variety of ways.

The four peppercorn selections are:

TELLICHERRY WHOLE BLACK PEPPERCORNS This is the richest, most robust black peppercorn because it is left on the vine to ripen longer than most pepper. The aging gives it a rich, almost fruity flavor. This is the only pepper we grind!

MALAYSIAN WHITE PEPPERCORNS A favorite pepper with all our local German cooks, who use it in soups, sauces, egg dishes and sausages. Also helpful where black pepper would mar the presentation of a light-colored sauce.

MYSORE GREEN PEPPERCORNS A zesty pepper picked younger in the ripening process. It has a little bite, and is preferred for French cooking.

PEPPERCORNS ROYALE A deluxe blend of Tellicherry black, Malaysian white, Mysore green, and the expensive pink peppercorns from Reunion. Extremely tasty and colorful, this blend of peppers makes a lovely garnish.

  • Four jar gift box
  • $23.46