Bergamot Extract

Bergamot Extract

Bergamot is most commonly used to flavor Earl Grey tea, but this extract has a wide range of uses beyond tea.

The elusive, fresh flavor of bergamot extract is a huge favorite among our staff. This extract adds a delicious floral, citrusy note to baked goods, ice cream, beverages, and vinaigrettes. It's wonderful in fruit sauces or sorbets. A few drops added to tea makes plain black tea into Earl Grey, or bergamot flavored shortbread or muffins make a perfect accompaniment for afternoon tea!

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) is a small citrus fruit, which grows primarily in Southern Italy. The fruit from this cross of a Seville orange and pear lemon is sour and not edible. Bergamot is grown for its esential oil contained in the peel. The oil from is used in Earl Grey tea and many fragrances. Bergamot is unrelated to the herb of the same name.

This extract is for food uses only, and is not recommended for external application. May cause skin irritation if applied to skin.

Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol, water, bergamot oil.

  • 4 fluid ounce bottle
  • $18.98