Barbeque Seasoning, West Indies

West Indies Style Barbeque Seasoning Rub

Spice House Spicy West Indian Barbeque Seasoning

Spicy West Indies Barbeque Seasoning features the spices loved and grown in the Caribbean. This is a favorite blend mixed into a marinade for spit-roasted goat. No goat at your market today? These barbeque seasonings are also flavorful additions to pork chops, spare ribs, chicken or fish.

For those who prefer a dry meat, sprinkle on about 1/2 teaspoon per pound of meat. For those who like saucy meats, mix 1-2 Tablespoons with 1 cup ketchup to make a hearty sauce. For a spicy salt-free barbeque rub, try our Salt Free Spicy West Indies Barbeque Seasoning.

Hand mixed from sweet paprika, salt, sugar, Jamaican allspice, red cayenne pepper, nutmeg, black Tellicherry pepper, garlic powder, sweet cinnamon, thyme leaves. Sodium content: 451.53 mg per teaspoon; 18.81% sodium

In a glass jar
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  • In a 1 cup shaker jar, net wt 5.5 oz
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