Gift Box, Beef and Steak Lover's

This steak gift box is designed to appeal to the serious meat lover, with four hearty seasonings to bring out the best in all cuts of beef. Whether you like a grilled steak with just enough peppery flavor to enhance the meat, or a well-seasoned roast, these spices have got you covered.


Our little spice company has been in business for over 50 years. Every single one of those years, the question we have been asked more than any other in our shops is, "What do you have that is good on steak?". Here is our answer, times four!

The four seasonings included in these steak gift boxes are;


Ground fresh weekly here on the premises. Never underestimate the natural pairing of beef and really fresh ground black pepper. We grind a high end version of black pepper, from the Tellicherry coast in India. It is left on the vine several weeks longer than your average pepper, allowing the pepper to develop a very full, rich, almost fruity flavor.


To make a delicious seasoning crust for prime rib, rinse roast and rub this blend heavily (1-2 teaspoons per pound) into all sides of meat. Make gravy from the meat drippings by adding water and a little arrowroot or flour – it will be wonderfully seasoned. Also good on steaks, chops and pork roast. We have several pubs which use this seasoning for two purposes: it’s great sprinkled on hamburgers, and it makes a wonderful addition to Bloody Marys! Also good in plain tomato juice or soup, and with a variety of vegetables. Hand-mixed from: flake salt, celery, MSG, sugar, Tellicherry pepper, onion powder, arrowroot and garlic powder.


Also known as Chicago Polish Seasoning, this mouth-watering seasoning for steak, hamburgers, or beef roast is named in honor of the Chicago’s ethnic Polish population. While many people of Polish descent have spread throughout Chicagoland, Milwaukee Avenue still throbs with a strong Polish heartbeat. This smoky blend features ingredients familiar to and favored by the Polish from the Old Country, such as sweet Hungarian paprika, garlic, marjoram and cardamom. What better way to transfer the essence of the old homeland to the new land, than to savor what is loved and familiar? Sprinkle on any type of beef or pork before cooking. A nice seasoning for smoky homemade barbeque sauce; a good mixture for those who make their own beef jerky. Makes the BEST hamburgers. Hand-mixed from salt, hickory smoke powder, Hungarian sweet paprika, garlic, Tellicherry black pepper, marjoram, and cardamom.


A traditional coarse-grind French-Canadian roasting spice mixture. Great on pork or beef roast, chicken or turkey; use to coat prime rib roast. One of our favorite grilling dishes is to marinate New York strip steaks in red wine and a heavy coating of Quebec Beef Spice for half an hour before grilling...delicious! Hand mixed from: coarse salt, cracked black Tellicherry pepper, sugar, minced garlic, white pepper, cracked coriander seed.

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