Bergamot Extract

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The most common use is to flavor Earl Grey tea, but it has a wide range of uses outside of tea. This complex, citrus bergamot extract is an interesting flavoring for tea cakes and cookies, or add a few drops to vinaigrette dressings.


The fresh and subtle flavor of bergamot extract is a favorite among our staff. This bergamot extract adds a tasty citrus, floral accent to ice cream, baked goods, beverages, and vinagrettes. It's also great in sorbets and fruit sauces, and a few drops turn standard black tea into Earl Grey. Bergamot flavored shortbread and muffins are the perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea.

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) is a small citrus fruit that grows mainly in Southern Italy. The fruit, made of a cross of Seville oranges and pear lemons, is sour and inedible. Bergamot is grown for the essential oil contained its peel. This oil is used in Earl Grey tea as well as various fragrances. Bergamot is not related to the herb of the same name.

This bergamot orange extract is only for food uses. It is not recommended for external application and may cause skin irritation if applied to skin.

Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol, water, bergamot oil.

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