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Asian Beef Brisket

This is an easy and delicious way to prepare brisket. The anise seed gives it a distinctive flavor. The meat can be served hot or cold, and is even better the next day. Based on a recipe by Hawaiian chef Sam Choy.
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ros t on August 23th, 2019

Its good hot; and its fab cold!
You can make it with rice, and the sauce is fabulous – or you can make it and have it cold with salad.
Fabulous versatile recipe!

Terriah P on August 23th, 2019

The flavor combo was really good! But my tweaks threw off the balance. I couldn’t bring myself to add a cup of sugar. So I did about a tablespoon. Which meant the gravy didn’t thicken as quickly, and once it did reduce it was really SALTY! I needed the recipe amount of liquid to cover the meat, but should have added flour or cornstarch. Ended up cutting the salt with lemon. Still nummy.

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