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Hot Caramel Cinnamon Sauce

This is a spectacular recipe. It takes only moments to make and my family absolutely loves it. Every time I tell someone about it they come up with a new way to use it. Photo by Kristin Dula.


Len C on August 23th, 2019

Have not tried yet, but sounds delicious. My question is, can this sauce be jarred and refrigerated and if so, what would shelf life be.

Your response is greatly appreciated :

Simone S on August 23th, 2019

This sauce was absolutely beautiful. I made it to go with cinnamon raisin scrolls. It was greatly enjoyed by all. I will definitely add it to my cookery book for future desserts. Thank you!

Jane A on August 23th, 2019

Ok I haven’t actually tried this recipe out, but it sounds fantastic! How could you go wrong with caramel and cinnamon…I’m pretty sure you can’t. I even have a CD called Hot Caramel I could listen to while making it ;)

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