Breakfast Sausage Seasoning

Makes sausage patties that have a sweet and savory flavor with bit of a bite. Blend this sausage spice mix with the ground meat of your choice for delicious homemade sausage.


The craft of sausage making often involves blends of ingredients and spices that are families keep secret and pass from one generation to the next. We designed this blend to our taste, but feel free to tailor it to your preference; it’s great with extra crushed red pepper or fresh garlic. Use 1 tablespoon per pound of ground meat, then mold into little balls and flatten to make patties. 4 ounces will season about 10-12 pounds of meat; 1 lb will season 50 pounds meat.

Hand mixed from: salt, paprika, pepper, sugar, brown sugar, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, thyme, sage.

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