Brisket of Love BBQ Seasoning Rub

This beef brisket rub was first made by former Spice House manager Steven Tobiason for his wedding, since he met his wife at a barbeque party. It’s sweet and tangy, with a nice peppery bite, and makes the perfect slow-smoked brisket rub.


Steven and his wife Natalie met at a Labor Day barbeque party where the featured piece of meat was a Texas style brisket. They ended up sitting next to each other, devouring the brisket and talking, time that led to the couple falling in love. They married on anotherLabor Day in Tecolutla, Mexico, a place they fell in love with during a Spice House mission to find high quality vanilla beans. They gave out little jars of this BBQ brisket rub at their wedding party in Chicago, and it has become a staple for amazing brisket. It’s also fantastic sprinkled on pork chops, chicken, and even hamburgers.

Coat beef brisket with olive oil and 1 teaspoon seasoning per pound of meat. Wrap brisket in aluminum foil and cook for 1.5 hours per pound at 225 degrees, turning over at the halfway point. Let brisket rest for 2 minutes per pound before serving. If smoking, apple wood chips are recommended.

This BBQ brisket rub is lovingly mixed from cane sugar, brown sugar, Hungarian sweet paprika, salt, ancho chile, Tellicherry pepper, Worchestershire powder, cayenne, celery seed, garlic, New Mexican chiles, coriander, green onion, citric acid and mesquite smoke powder. Sodium content: 322.71 mg per teaspoon; 8.07% sodium

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