Cardamom, Ground

Cardamom spice has a pungent yet elusive flavor, resinous and dark with hints of eucalyptus. Ground cardamom is a crucial ingredient in classic Scandinavian baked goods, and is used to flavor curries and Middle Eastern desserts.
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The sweet, piney notes of freshly ground cardamom spice are a key flavor in Scandinavian breads and pastries, and sweet Indian and Middle Eastern desserts. It also pairs well with tropical fruits and stone fruit; a small pinch bakes a great secret ingredient in banana bread, blueberry pie, or peach cobbler. Try mixing a little ground cardamom with cinnamon for cinnamon rolls or french toast.

We grind our cardamom weekly for the freshest, strongest flavor. Since cardamom loses flavor very quickly once ground, it’s best to buy only what you’ll use in the next month or two.  
For those who prefer not to include whole cardamom pods in savory dishes, ground cardamom makes an acceptable substitute. Ten whole cardamom pods is the equivalent of roughly ½ teaspoon of ground cardamom.

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