Cha Cha Chile - Chile Lime Sprinkle

Enjoy that Mexican fruit vendor flair at home with the flavors of chiles, lime, and coriander. This chile-lime seasoning is delicious with mango, watermelon, avocados, apples, or corn on the cob.


This Mexican-style spice seasons food with tang and fire. The brightness of guajillo chiles, the body of ancho, and the sharpness of lime all come together for a delicious flavor. Try this on mangos, papaya, watermelon, and apples. Use it on savory foods like avocado, corn on the cob, grilled chicken, roasted or baked potatoes, and popcorn.

Hand mixed from: dried chiles, cayenne pepper, paprika, lime juice powder, salt, sugar.

Sodium content: 513.4 mg/tsp

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