Chip Dip Seasoning

Chip dip mix makes a delicious and easy dip - just mix 2-3 teaspoons into 1 cup sour cream or plain yogurt. Tangy and savory, it’s a delicious dip for chips or sliced veggies.


When making your own chip dip, you’re easily able to substitute low-fat options like cottage cheese or yogurt instead of sour cream. A pinch of chip dip mix is also great sprinkled on baked chicken or french fries. This seasoning also works well for homemade snack crackers. One of our customers even uses it to coat a fried pasta noodle snack, tasty and crunchy! 

Ingredients: salt, lactose, dehydrated onion, MSG, onion powder, dehydrated bell peppers, vegetable granules, horseradish powder, garlic powder, parsley, green onion. Sodium content: 375.62 mg per teaspoon; 9.39% sodium

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