Cilantro is the most frequently used herb in the world, essential for recipes from Southeast Asia to Latin America. It has a bright, clean, tangy flavor that adds and herbal freshness to seafood dishes, beans, spring rolls, salsas, and more.


Cilantro is also known as “fresh coriander” and “Chinese parsley,” and is used to a great extent in Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Persian and Egyptian cooking.
Cilantro is the leaf of the coriander plant and has a very distinctive flavor that people typically either love or hate. Although most recipes call for fresh cilantro, this can be difficult to find in cold climates during the winter months, and our dried cilantro leaves work nicely as a replacement. The dried cilantro spice is also good for people just acquiring a taste for cilantro, as their flavor is milder than the fresh herb.

Recipes featuring this spice

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