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The Spice Trader

A feast for the eyes, nose, and palate, this eclectic collection is a treasure chest of carefully curated colors, aromas, and flavors. These culinary gems have journeyed from the rainforests of Madagascar and the American heartland to get to your kitchen. Premium, rare, and exquisite spices are our specialty. What will you create with the finest flavors in the world?

The Spice House
The Spice House


The Spice Trader gift set contains:

Coupe Saffron: These crimson threads weave a fabric of culture and rich culinary history. Enjoy the vibrant color and flavor.

Aleppo Pepper: The ruby of our chile collection. Aleppo peppers offer an exotic substitution for your regular crushed red pepper.

Back of the Yards Garlic Pepper Butcher's Rub: Our homage to the immigrant workers of Chicago's Union Stock Yards. Good on all things beef.

Lake Shore Drive Seasoning: This allium-rich blend is a champion of soup, seafood, and vegetables. It is exquisite, just like its namesake.

Madagascar Vanilla Beans: One of the most complex flavors on Earth, first enjoyed by Mayan royals and later by French chefs.

Ultra-Blue Premium Lavender Flower Buds: We source Ultra-Blue Lavender Buds from a small farm in Oregon, and they're only obtainable once a year.

Ras el Hanout: Truly a spice trader's blend, this Moroccan blend's name means "head of the shop.” A deliciously luxurious blend.

Smoked Sweet Spanish Paprika: This sweet paprika is smoked for two weeks over an oak burning fire. Essential for authentic Spanish cuisine.

Saigon Vietnamese Cinnamon: Our most potent and popular cinnamon. It has the highest content of volatile oils, resulting in sweet, fiery flavor.

Vulcan’s Fire Salt: Named after the Roman god of fire. we use barrel-aged chile pepper mash to create this volcanic condiment.

White Truffle Salt: This rare French sea salt is married with pure flakes of Italian white truffles. A pinch of pure elegance for any dish.


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