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From Barbados to Jamaica, the Caribbean islands boast a unique, multi-ethic cuisine like no other. With its role in the spice trade and as a historical travel hub for world travelers, the Caribbean cuisine of today is a fusion of European, African, Latin American, Middle Eastern and Chinese cuisines. One of their biggest culinary contributions? Barbecue as we know it. Thanks to native Caribbeans, the Arawak Taino people, barbacoa was born - a technique of slowly smoking meats with redolent spices over wood coals.

Trinidad Lemon Garlic Blend

In Trinidad, a 'callaloo' is a delicious dish made by blending a variety of ingredients. A Trinidadian man came into...

West Indies Salt-Free Barbecue Rub

This island-inflected rub is a mix of allspice, cayenne, and cinnamon. It's a Spice House favorite for pork shoulder, baby...

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