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Whole Rosemary Needles

Rosemary has a storied past. It is mentioned in Don Quixote and Hamlet. It was used to ward off thieves, boost memory, and inspire fidelity among newlyweds. But these whole rosemary needles tell their story best by lending a piney flavor to the many roast lamb, pork, and chicken recipes that grace the Sunday dinner table around the country. Also available in Cracked Rosemary Needles, or Ground Rosemary Needles

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The Spice House
The Spice House


Rosemary needles are used in abundance throughout European cuisines. Lamb and chicken pair exceptionally well with rosemary, especially alongside lemon, garlic, and black pepper. Historically associated with remembrance, rosemary was presented to bridegrooms on the morning of their wedding, a reminder to be faithful. In ancient Greece, students would don garlands of rosemary before an exam. When cooking rack of lamb, don’t forget to add some rosemary! Ingredients: Rosemary. 



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