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Dried Curry Leaves

What Keralan thoran, Javanese gulai and Cambodian maju kreung have in common is curry leaves. Not to be confused with curry powder which is a blend of spices these dried curry leaves add a light nutty and grassy flavor to South and Southeast Asian dishes. We dry these delicate green leaves ourselves so they keep as much of their fresh flavor as possible.

The Spice House
The Spice House


Not to be confused with curry powder, which is a blend of many spices, curry leaves are light and delicate with an understated, subtle flavor. While they’re sometimes an ingredient in curry powder, they are not strong enough to bring curry flavor to a dish when used by themselves. Dried curry leaves are popular in the cuisine of Sri Lanka and Southern India and are sometime used in cooking in Northern India. These light leaves immigrated with Southern Indian immigrants to South Africa, Malaysia and Réunion, and are sometimes found in the cuisines of those countries. They are often used as an herb similar to bay leaves, though they need not be removed before serving due to their softer nature. Fresh curry leaves are often preferred, but as they can be difficult to find, these dried curry leaves are a flavorful substitute. Dried curry leaves are also quite light - 1/4 ounce is nearly a cup by volume. Ingredients: Curry leaves.



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