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Shichimi Togarashi Japanese Seven Spice

Japanese for 'seven-flavor chili pepper,' Shichimi Togarashi was first blended by herb merchants in the 17th century. It is balanced to add heat and flavor, and color, to anything from soba noodles to tataki.

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The Spice House
The Spice House


With the appreciation of Japanese cuisine in the US, we are pleased to provide the seasonings needed to create and enhance Japanese dishes. This Togarashi powder is popular in Japan and used to add both heat and flavor to soba noodles, udon, beef tataki, and jasmine rice. The heat of this seasoning, is not something Japanese cuisine is known for, but it’s crucial to create a pleasant balance for the palatte. Ingredients: Orange peel, ginger, sesame, chiles, nori, sichuan pepper.



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