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All the herbs and spices in this collection are cultivated organically. These herbs and spices are produced in full accordance to organic standards but cannot bear a certified organic label because our facilities are not certified for organic production.

Turkish Bay Leaves, Organically Sourced

The Oracle of Delphi chewed fresh laurel leaves for divine inspiration. When dried, they make for...

Ground Cumin Seeds, Organically Sourced

In India, cumin goes by the name jeera. Its savory pungency has been essential in curries for...

Saigon Ground Cassia Cinnamon, Organically Sourced

Spicy and sweet, this cinnamon is our most popular varietal. Its high volatile oil content more than...

Turmeric, Organically Sourced

Celebrated for its golden color and its mustard-like taste, turmeric is a key ingredient in curries...

Turkish Oregano, Organically Sourced

Were Greece to recognize a national herb, oregano would be it. This relative of mint has sweet notes...

Granulated Garlic, Organically Sourced

Our organically sourced Granulated Garlic powder is a versatile weapon in the kitchen. One quarter...

Cumin Seeds, Organically Sourced

Cumin has a pungent, potent flavor that is crucial to Indian curries. The seeds are often roasted...

Malabar Black Peppercorns, Organically Sourced

These peppercorns hail from the famed Malabar coast, in Kerala, India. Malabar Black Peppercorns are...

Lemongrass, Organically Sourced

Fresh lemongrass should always be your first choice when cooking Thai or Vietnamese, but it's not...

Granulated White Onion, Organically Sourced

These organically sourced China-grown onions are dried carefully to retain their pungency. This...

Thyme, Organically Sourced

Thyme is a relative of both mint and oregano, which explains its bright, warm, woody, pungency. Its...

Spanish Sweet Paprika, Organically Sourced

Vibrant and sweet, this organically-sourced Spanish Sweet Paprika is not smoked, making it excellent...

California Basil, Organically Sourced

Basil and basilisk share etymology and a story: basileus in ancient Greek means king. Romans...
Chiles, Cayenne Organically Sourced

Cayenne Pepper, Organically Sourced

Derived from the Tupi for 'pepper,' cayenne appears in Caribbean, Creole, and Cajun cuisine. It is...

Spearmint, Organically Sourced

Cooler than its cousin peppermint—and also known as garden mint—these fragrant leaves are serene in...

Peppermint, Organically Sourced

In Morocco, fiesty, sweet peppermint tea is the way to welcome guests into your home or shop. In...