English Prime Rib Rub

SAVE 25% - Discount Already Reflected. English Prime Rib Rub is a delicious seasoning to crust prime rib, hamburgers and pork roast. This is the Spice House version of Beau Monde Seasoning, a popular onion and celery blend.


For a tasty seasoned crust for prime rib, rinse the meat and rub this blend generously (1 or 2 teaspoons per pound) into every side of the roast. Use the meat drippings to make tasty seasoned gravy - add a little water and arrowroot powder to thicken.
This blend is also great on chops, steaks, and pork roast.  We have several pubs who utilize this English prime rib rub seasoning for a dual purpose: sprinkling on hamburgers as well as putting a tasty twist on their Bloody Marys. This mix also livens up vegetables and tomato soup and juice. Hand mixed from: flake salt, ground celery seed, msg, sugar, Tellicherry black pepper, toasted and white onion powder, arrowroot, and garlic powder. Sodium content: 489.82 mg per teaspoon; 13.61% sodium

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