Espresso Powder

This extremely flavorful espresso powder is made from spray-dried brewed espresso, so it will dissolve completely into frostings, syrups, and baked goods. The flavor of espresso can be featured in tiramisu or other desserts, or used to enhance the depth of chocolate flavors in cakes and brownies.


After sampling several varieties of instant espresso in powder form, we found this spray dried version to be the best. This rich espresso powder has a rich coffee flavor and is easily dissolved in both hot and cold liquids. For espresso beverages, It’s recommended to use 6% by volume. A small addition of espresso powder nicely enhances chocolate flavors in brownies, cookies, cakes, and other desserts without adding a large amount of coffee taste. If you do want coffee flavor, adding this powder to already coffee-flavored desserts will increase the flavor. Espresso powder is a must when making tiramisu.

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