Fennel Pollen, Organically Sourced

Fennel Pollen has a truly incredible flavor - imagine isolating a fennel seed, making it sweeter and then making it a hundred times more intense. Sprinkle a pinch of our organically sourced fennel pollen onto poached salmon or chicken for an elusively sweet garnish.


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Peggy Knickerbocker, writing for Saveur Magazine, describes it thus: "If angels sprinkled a spice from their wings, this would be it." Many, many fennel flowers are need to create even a small amount of this pollen, making this spice nearly as expensive as saffron. The lovely flavor is like a much sweeter and more powerful fennel seed. Fennel pollen spice is popular in Italy, where cooks add to their olive oil for bread and make a fennel pesto. Our product is grown in California, where immigrants from Italy planted it. This fennel pollen is among the cleanest, most flavorful fennel pollen you’ll find anywhere. This is a versatile spice with many uses. It adds a bright burst of flavor to everything it touches, from roast chicken to vegetables. It’s wonderful sprinkled on salads and pork roasts and is especially tasty on fish like salmon. A little fennel pollen goes a long way - start off with a tiny pinch added to the top of your dish.

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