Gift Box, Flavors in Bloom

The flavors of flowers are strong, sweet, subtle and unique. Drinks, pastries, sauces, are perfect uses for these ingredients. Relaxation is made easy when you sip on hibiscus tea, or draw a bath and scent it with rose water.


Floral arrangements should be as powerful, resilient, unique, versatile, and soothing as those who receive them. Curated by your friends at the Spice House, this remarkable bouquet of floral derivatives serves many purposes. Add them to your favorite dishes, baked goods and beverages, or revel in relaxation thanks to their aromatic properties. Try experimenting first with some sugar cookies, using each of these ingredients in a quarter of the batch. Your creativity will begin to flourish when you discover these new flavors gifted to you.

Lavender blossoms have a strong floral, herbal aroma and flavor, which pairs wonderfully with both sweet and savory dishes. An integral part of classic French herb blend Herbes de Provence, lavender adds a flavor similar to rosemary in savory foods, or bring out its floral notes by using a small amount in sweet baking.

Rose water is is made by steeping rose petals. It’s unique essence is called for in Middle Eastern and Indian pastries alike.Once used in Victorian icing recipes, rosewater is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. It’s been popping up in everything from cocktails, to ice cream to jams.


Hibiscus blossoms have a gorgeous deep pink color and an intense sweet-tart fruity flavor, wonderful in tea, preserves, and baked goods. Steep blossoms in hot water or simple syrup for beverages, or to flavor sauces, jams, or frosting.

This fragrant orange blossom water is commonly used in the Mediterranean to flavor sweet pastries and breads. Delicately floral with citrusy hints, orange flower water pairs beautifully with vanilla, honey, and fruit.

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