Peppermill, "Tronco" Hardwood



The Fletchers' Mill Gourmet line was originally produced by Vic Firth Inc. of Newport, Maine, best known for their hardwood drumsticks. As the core drumstick business continued to grow and require more focus, the decision was made to sell the Gourmet line. A perfect fit and new home was found for the Gourmet line at Maine Wood Concepts of New Vineyard, Maine. Owned by the Fletcher Family for over 40 years, Maine Wood Concepts shares a commitment to quality and woodworking expertise. These mills use the finest American hardwoods to ensure a virtually flawless finish. They are fitted with a hardened steel mechanism that crushes while it grinds pepper, maximum flavor release. The salt mill has a mechanism of hardened nylon to prevent corrosion. Like all our Fletchers' Mill mills, these come with a lifetime guarantee. The "Tronco" model is tall and thin, like a classic restaurant mill. We like it so much we've put our name on it! The black mills are peppermills, and the white mills are for salt. Individually or as a matched set, these mills will look gorgeous on any table!

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