Garden Salad Seasoning Dip and Dressing Mix

Garden Salad Seasoning is one of our favorites for salads and vegetables. This is flavorful mixture of Romano cheese, chives, sesame and poppy seeds is perfect for replacing high calorie salad dressing.


This seasoning is also great mixed with yogurt or sour cream to make a dip or dressing and delicious sprinkled over baked potatoes. Although it’s called a salad seasoning, it has an extensive list of uses: it’s wonderful on baked chicken, for garlic bread, in white cream sauces, in pasta dishes, and sprinkled over vegetables. Hand mixed from Romano cheese powder, salt, whole Dutch poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion powder, garlic powder, freeze-dried circle cut chives, and ground white Muntok pepper. Sodium content: 284.24 mg per teaspoon; 7.37% sodium One tablespoon of Garden Salad Seasoning contains around 0.64g of fat and about 10.9 Calories

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