Gift Box, Hot Cocoa Collection

Nothing is comfier than a mug of hot cocoa, and this is our coziest collection yet! Whether it’s a frosty January evening or a rainy March morning, we have blends for all tastes and seasons. Treat yourself with our spicy Cocoa Masala, indulgent Salted Caramel, heartwarming Hazelnut, or our delicious original mix.


The nutmeg, Turkish bay leaves and Korintje cinnamon sticks used as packing material can also be put to good use in your favorite recipes.

Hazelnut Hot Cocoa

Everyone's favorite dessert spread in beverage form. This rich, buttery blend is an instant classic. 

Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa

Warm your core with this sippable slice of heaven. Your favorite confection turned into a hot cocoa obsession.

Cocoa Masala

We built a chocolate bridge between Northern India and the North Pole, using premium cocoas and our Garam Masala.

Original Hot Cocoa Mix

Last but not least, our original hot cocoa mix. We use the highest quality cocoas available, and just a touch of vanilla.

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