Gift Box, Mark Bittman's Grilling Companion™

These four Spice House selections are often called upon in Mark Bittman's book, How to Grill Everything. We hope this quartet of flavors inspires you as much as Bittman's recipes.


"The lure of food sizzling on a grate over burning embers is powerful." - Mark Bittman, How to Grill Everything


A versatile mixture perfect for vegetables, rice, pork and virtually any kind of stir fry. Combine with brown sugar for a quick and tasty asian rib rub.


Fruity, sweet, mild, and delicious. Hungarian sweet paprika is soft in flavor and vibrant in color. Don't let its look fool you. This is a serious flavor addition to any recipe. It is so much more than a garnish!


If the heat from the coals isn't isn't enough, then add a dash of cayenne. The most popular ground red pepper in cooking, this chile is a dynamic addition to any recipe. 


An amazing flavor that enhances earthly dishes like roasted vegetables, braised onions and braised cabbage. Cumin adds an aromatic lift, especially to fire roasted salsas. 

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