Gift Box, Spicy 2 Jar

The perfect gift for the hot head in your life. These blends are great as both condiment and ingredients. Just put on your oven mitts first!


Vulcan's Fire Salt

This hot salt is so terrific, we decided to name it in honor of the Roman god of fire, Vulcan. As the name implies, expect a tongue burn, maybe a little eye watering! What you may not expect is the rich depth of flavor that this blend offers. Great in both your morning eggs and Bloody Marys. Sprinkle on pizza. Just use it any time you want to add some flavor and some heat. Hand mixed from: salt, Louisiana chile mash, garlic, habanero chile, shallots, tellicherry pepper, lime peel, pimenton de la vera, picante, cumin, allspice and vinegar.

Sriracha Powder

Everyone’s favorite fiery Asian sauce, now in a convenient dry form! The powdered sriracha seasoning has more of the sweet chile notes, rather than the heat and vinegar characteristics of the perfect for sprinkling onto popcorn or homemade potato chips, or adding to dips and sauces. Shake a little onto scrambled eggs or dust onto grilling veggies, or anywhere you want that sweet, tangy heat! Mix a little in with mayo to zip up sandwiches. Ingredients: Sugar, maltodextrin, salt, dextrose, garlic, paprika, yeast extract, dried hot sauce, cayenne, vinegar powder, citric acid, pineapple juice powder, and malic acid. Sodium Content 258 mg per teaspoon

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